At Alchemist Studios, we are dedicated to providing a flexible and comfortable environment with all of the tools, knowledge and experience required for our customers to achieve the best possible result for their recording projects.



With high quality microphones and Class A preamps, Alchemist Studios is built to create the highest quality recordings for projects of any size in both digital and analog tape recordings.

Digital, or directly to tape!



Be it stereo, surround, "in the box", hybrid analog-digital or completely analog, our highly experienced sound engineers are fully equipped to help you find your perfect mix.



Put the final touches on your project! In-house mastering for CD, vinyl or digital distribution, is available to get your best sound in any medium!


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Studio B

The heart of Alchemist Studios, Studio B is equipped with a 5.1 surround system, and a 48 input infrastructure for your biggest projects


Studio Frisson

With a legendary 80 series Class A Neve console at its core, Studio Frisson is a world class facility for all things vintage and analog.

Studio A

Currently under renovation and will soon be available.


Main Hall

Comfortable, spacious, and flexible, our hall is ready to accommodate groups and sessions of all sizes!


3275 Rue Prieur Est, Montreal, QC

438 523-4390

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