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Studio B

Studio B is the heart and core of Alchemist Studios. This control room it set up for absolute flexibility, to keep as many options available for the session as possible, and to record without restriction. Studio B has options for recording both in-the-box and with outboard equipment, with a large collection of plugins and software. This studio also has a 48 input infrastructure, allowing for extremely large scale recording sessions which we have used for orchestras, large choirs and jazz big bands.


Studio B is equipped with a pair of modern Focal high precision monitors, a 5.1 Surround setup, of Dynaudio Monitors. It also has a collection of both vintage and modern analog preamps from top brands including Neve, SSL, and API. These run through a Mac Pro with ProTools 2022, all of which is controlled digitally by the 32 Fader D-Control Icon to easily manage any session. For more technical details about the studio, please see our EQUIPMENT LIST, or contact us with any questions!


Studio Frisson

Studio Frisson is fully equipped with all of the analog old school equipment you could ever need. At Frisson’s core is a legendary 80’s series custom 32 channel Neve console. From classic rock sounds to folk and pop, this console offers a classic color that is often imitated, but never duplicated. This studio is built to achieve that classic sound, in the original way it was produced.

Frisson is also ready for true analog recording, without your sound ever touching a computer. The studio is set up to record from the Neve, directly to tape with a 24 track Studer A80. From the tape, it can either be brought directly to be printed to vinyl, or sent back to be recorded digitally afterwards to introduce some of that analog tone into your recording.

Other classic pieces of gear include dynamics like the LA2A First Revision, RCA BA6A and an EMT 240 plate reverb. All of the equipment is meticulously maintained and sounds better than any emulation ever could. For more information about the studio, the equipment, or the configuration of the console, please see our EQUIPMENT LIST, or contact us with any questions.

Studio A

Currently under renovation Studio A is the third studio within Alchemist Studios. With its own control room and tracking space, Studio A is perfectly set up for tracking small bands, overdubs, and mixing. If having a small studio space as a part of Alchemist Studios is interesting to you, please let us know.

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