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The Church

Our facility is set up in what once was a Presbyterian church, built in 1928. Since then, the building has gone through many iterations and has been used for many different purposes, including multiple generations of recording studios. Now, as Alchemist Studios, the entire church has been completely converted to a recording facility and dedicated to recording.

The facility consists of our three control rooms, Studio A, Studio B, and Studio Frisson, as well as our recording spaces. Alongside the main church hall, we have three different isolation booths of varying sizes. This allows for the choice of sessions being live concept, with everyone in the same room playing together, or fully isolated, where each musician is in a separate room, cutting out all forms of leakage and creating a perfectly clean recording.


Main Hall

The main hall is the old church chapel, and functions as Alchemist Studio’s primary recording space. The hall is spacious, comfortable, well lit. The original high wood ceilings add some color to the recordings, so the hall sounds great as well.

We have recently added up to five layers of glass to each of the windows, eliminating street noise, and making for a near perfectly silent recording experience. The hall is also equipped with a stage and PA system, and is perfectly sized for small shows. The hall is also equipped with a stage and PA system, and is perfectly sized for small live style video shoots. The hall is available for rental rehearsals, or filming.

From orchestras, choirs, and big bands, to solo singers, pianists and drummers, our hall is fantastic tracking space recordings of all kinds!


The Infrastructure

The facility features an intricate high quality Mogami cable infrastructure, leading to a central patch. This allows us to record from any room in the building, and send it to any of our three control rooms, making it possible to have recording sessions of virtually limitless size.

The central patch also allows for routing between the different studios. For example, if you are recording in Studio B, and want to use a piece of equipment only available in Studio Frisson, we can make it happen!

The entire facility is set up to be extremely flexible, allowing us to accommodate sessions of any kind!

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