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Charles Coutu

studio manager

As president, studio manager and founding member of Alchemist Studios, Charles handles the operations of the studio, as well as helping clients with logistics in order to help make their sessions go as smoothly and productively as possible.

For recording and music, Charles works in production, band leading, arranging, and is the assistant engineer of studio B. With a BA in Jazz Studies, Charles is works in jazz upright and electric bass performance, with a familiarity in styles such as classical, rock, and metal music.

For all things logistics, bookings, general inquiries, or when you would like to visit the facility, Charles is your contact / guide, and would be happy to help!


Michel Pépin

sound engineer

Founder and owner of Studio Frisson, Michel has had a long career working with artists from around the world in his legendary Outremont studio. Now, Michel and Studio Frisson work as a part of Alchemist Studios, located in Studio C.


Michel has worked with artists such as Sarah McLachlan, Stevie Nicks, Emmylou Harris, Kate & Anna McGarrigle, and many others. He also has also received Gold and Platinum records from working on albums like Jean Leloup’s Le Dôme. He has also produced for the film Moulin Rouge with artist Rufus Wainwright.


As a producer, Michel specializes in folk, rock, and country music, but is also familiar with jazz, classical, and bossa nova music. When working in the roll of a producer, Michel works to help his clients achieve their vision, and guiding them to keep them on course to help produce the best possible version of their project. In the world of vintage and old school analog recording, your projects will be excellent hands with Michel!

Stratsimir (Stratsi) Dimitrov

sound engineer

One of the founding members of Alchemist Studios, Stratsi is the Chief Sound Engineer and house engineer of Studio B. With over two decades of recording and producing experience, Stratsi works with the goal to create and preserve the most artistic elements of recording, working both as engineer and producer.

Having multiple university degrees in music, Stratsimir is a specialist in classical, jazz, choral, and gospel music, as well as being well-versed in many other styles. He works in performance as a jazz drummer, classical percussionist, and vibraphone player. Stratsi is also very proficient in composing and arranging, in jazz, classical, and pop music.

Our resident expert on all things recording technology, Stratsi is sure to help you make your next projects surpass all expectations!


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